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Just for your info.. this library was a nice test project, just to have smth. to work on..
BUT atm I'm developing 'only' on my private website kekse.biz; there's some more new javascript code, see also github/kekse1/v4.

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News Just for your info Installation

  • Configuration and Environment

    Any 'CONFIG{}' element can be switched for every script via environment variables; like this: uptime=yes signal=no ./node.js (whereas yes etc. results from String.parse()).
    Just have a look at 'config.js' and 'global.js' (or see the list of spared configuration in all the files @ DEFAULTS.txt) ...

    Very SOON environment variables will be camel-case'd, to avoid '_'-delimiters.. ;)~

  • lib/scripts/prompt.sh

    You should als try out my own export PROMPT_COMMAND function, which dynamically creates a customized export PS1 for your bash shell..
    You can 'install' it by copying/linking to/in /etc/profile.d/*.sh or smth. similar. See also, e.g.: man bash.
    ${<span class='blue'>PS1</span>} <lib-small style='padding-left: 40px;'>w/ <lib-code>export PROMPT_COMMAND</lib-code></lib-small>

  • WebSite Features

    Note: can differ on mobile devices with touch screens.. //TODO/

    • By grabbing any place in the site you can scroll (factor 1.25)
    • Via mouse wheel and via <+>, <-> and <Enter> you can zoom images in the gallery (will show a 'on screen display', some seconds or so)
    • Any scrolling can be adjusted via <Shift> (factor 2.00) and <Alt> or <Ctrl> (factor 0.25) keys (also in conjunction);
    • Via mouse wheel, Arrow keys, Page Up/Down, Space, Home and End you can scroll
    • Any Image with an alt attribute will open a popup (with it's description)
    • Open the INDEX navigation box via mouse right click, anywhere on this site..
    • In the INDEX Popup and any Modal dialog you can select an item via <a-z> or <1-0> keys..
    • Additionally you can use <Tab> (also in combination with <Shift>) and the Arrow Keys plus <Enter> to choose items there
    • If your pointer comes over an image with ('alt') description, this will open a popup.
      If you want to freeze the currently opened popup(s), just use the <Space> key. .. and again to un-freeze it then.
      This will preserve the current popup state.. :)~
    • The context menu of this web site is my own index <ul>. If you rather want the regular browser's context menu, right click with the <Ctrl> key pressed. :)~

JFYI Installation Globals

See INSTALL.txt:

Installation Globals Examples

Globals Examples Test cases

  • My Math extensions... .. maybe Interesting: Math.psin() for my own Animations .. and CRYPTO extensions, mostly for randomization (it's easier to use here ;-) ..
  • My Date extensions, including Date.format() with own '%' modifiers, etc.. .. and the new date() (w/ sub-implementation ;-).


Examples Test cases Documents


There are many test cases available, especially for my 'globals/' (some are still missing, but many are already there ;-) ..
Maybe you'd like to use them while there's no real API/Documentation available? ;-)

Test cases Documents Links

Installation (on Linux) These are the instructions how to install this library (on Linux).
The (text/plain) file itself is here: INSTALL.txt. :-)
API (TODO) SORRY! The documentation with API etc. will follow. Later..! ;-/
I'll try to let it be automatically generated (with my own toys ;-).
Command Line

At the moment there are THREE command line arguments for the node.js process.

Listed in this CommandLine.txt .. but only usable if you really use this node.js to execute your scripts..
.. as you can also require('/lib'); in scripts, which you start via regular node process (of Node.js) (in case you've installed it correctly).
Leitfaden Starting with some "Richtlinien" only.. 'LEITFADEN.txt'
TODOs My TODO(S) is/are private, only for my eyes atm. .. the reason(s)? Is/Are private, too. xD~
Test cases Many tests done. FYI, but also for myself (to be sure I've got correct implementations ;-).
=> Here's the 'test.js/' directory. ... Maybe you'd like to use these while no other API documentation is available? ;-)

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