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Copyright © Sebastian Kucharczyk  <kuchen@kekse.biz>

This is the official web site for my "lib.js" (or "Library.js"), my extension for Node.js [the JavaScript interpreter for the server-side].
Additionally, it provides nearly the same extensions for a pure Web Browser environment, without any code redundancy! ;-)
No 'npm.js' module dependencies - everything is build up from scratch (at the moment it is already in the 10th generation).

The only problem is: I got NO API/Documentation or something similar right now.. that's still a TODO item.. SORRY. :-/
BUT I've created many test cases and examples which might help you, nevertheless. See the Documentation area.. ;-)



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Current Version: ...

... and just risk a look at the 'INSTALL.txt'... (below)


News NOT yet loaded..


    See INSTALL.txt:



    • My Math extensions... .. maybe Interesting: 'Math.psin()' for my own Animations .. and CRYPTO extensions, mostly for randomization (it's easier to use here ;-) ..
    • My Date extensions, including '.format()' with own '%' modifiers, etc.. .. and the new 'date()' (w/ sub-implementation ;-).

    Test cases


    There are many test cases available, especially for my 'globals/' (some are still missing, but many are already there ;-) ..
    Maybe you'd like to use them while there's no real API/Documentation available? ;-)


    Installation (on Linux) These are the instructions how to install this library (on Linux). The (text/plain) file itself is here: INSTALL.txt. :-)
    API (TODO) SORRY! The documentation with API etc. will follow. Later..! ;-/
    I'll try to let it be automatically generated (with my own toys ;-).
    Leitfaden Starting with some "Richtlinien" only.. 'LEITFADEN.txt'
    F.A.Q. (Started 2022-09-01) It's about you to collect all the questions you got for me.. ;-) => 'FAQ.txt'
    TODOs My TODO(S) is/are private, only for my eyes atm. .. the reason(s)? Is/Are private, too. xD~
    Test cases Many tests done. FYI, but also for myself (to be sure I've got correct implementations ;-).
    => Here's the 'test.js/' directory. ... Maybe you'd like to use these while no other API documentation is available? ;-)



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